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Website Redesign



With a strong background in engagement with graduate recruitment, the client identified that what was needed was to engage young people in a more dynamic way. The challenge was: “How do you help young people feel empowered in the job market?”

The goal was to make the website feel fresh and dynamic but also accessible and friendly while ensuring the platform had a good structure. We focused on simplifying the structure and focusing on user experience.


The approach was to start by focusing on all of the brand elements and maintaining consistency throughout the website. Through competition research and iteration we consolidated the brand direction with users as well as stakeholder.

We decided to follow a modular design process. By breaking down the sections into chunks and elements that can be used on different pages as needed.


Different elements were implemented in the design to give a vibrant and dynamic look. Using vibrant photography,  graphic elements and emojis to liven the content and to be used as markers to recognise different types of information.

Focus and testing was put on the color pallette of the design to ensure that it was accessible for people with visual impairment and that it gave an exciting theme.