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Product Design



The experience of managing one’s medications is annoyingly difficult. Suvera is a healthcare start up with a clear vision to enable the everyday individual to easily manage their health.

We are working on developing an end to end experience to allow individuals across the UK and possibly the world to easily manage their prescriptions & blood pressure.


We invested an enormous chunk of time analysing and carving out potential users. Five (actually ten) packs of popcorn later we managed to have a clear user journey. However, at each step the same question kept popping up in our heads. How do we want the user to feel at this moment?

We wanted to create something that the user would find pleasant to use and maybe even giggle from time to time. After many prototype iterations later, we found a system that worked.


We realised that besides a good design, language is super important. We also noticed that it is quite common for colloquial language to be used in applications to connect more on a personal level with the user. This inspired us to add actual emojis in our notification and button designs.

With the main colour palette we decided to use mint-green against a navy blue and navy against off-white as the main contrasts, this gave a vibrant/refreshing look throughout the application.

Medicine added screen
Doctor dashboard